Where are you located?

The salon is on the mezzanine level of The Gregory Hotel at 42 w 35th St in Manhattan. Once you enter, promptly turn left and go up the spiral staircase. The salon is to the left at the top of the staircase.

How long have you been doing hair and makeup?

Professionally 12 1/2 years , but started when I was 16!

Do you travel?

Yes. I will travel for work, depending on how far away you are, I may add travel fees. 

how often should I get a haircut? 

It depends on the length and style you have. Typically short hair may need to be cut anywhere for 6-10 weeks. Medium to long hair 2-4 months. 

Do you specialize in a particular technique?

I specialize in dry haircutting. Why? Because with dry cutting I’m able to sculpt hair to each specific person. I can see where the hair is going to lay. Which means if you don’t like to style your hair you want have to because the shape is cut to lay well regardless.